The Utah Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce has combined efforts with the Governor's Office to provide important and timely information about foreclosure to Utah Homeowners. Too many Utahns have found themselves facing foreclosure without knowing where to turn for help. While some homeowners fall prey to unscrupulous foreclosure rescue scammers, others are paying high fees for help that can be obtained FREE. This website is designed to provide resources and information to homeowners in distress.

Time is absolutely of the essence. By taking action now, you have a better chance of preventing foreclosure and keeping your home. All of the options to avoid foreclosure require work and time. It is critical that you do not wait and that you seek help now.

If you are having trouble working with your mortgage servicer, contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency immediately and arrange an appointment to speak with a certified foreclosure intervention counselor. They will work with you to go over your documents, evaluate your situation, examine your budget, explore foreclosure alternatives, and contact your servicer to negotiate a work-out option.

Dial 2-1-1 to receive a free foreclosure workbook and list of nonprofit housing counselors, or browse this website for a free workbook download, list of counselors, and helpful tips for homeowners.

There is hope for homeowners in distress—it's just a phone call away.

Download our list of HUD-approved nonprofit housing counseling agencies, available in English and Spanish. English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

Download your free copy of the Foreclosure Prevention Workbook, available in English and Spanish.

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