About Housing Counseling

All of the Utah Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce housing counseling agencies are HUD-approved nonprofit organizations and foreclosure intervention counseling is free.

Homeowners should never pay for foreclosure intervention counseling services. Legitimate nonprofit housing counselors do not charge fees for foreclosure-related services.

Housing counselors are industry trained and certified to help you review your options, contact your lender and find a workable solution to mortgage default. In addition to foreclosure intervention counseling, most housing counseling agencies offer other services, including first-time homebuyer education, post-purchase education, budgeting classes and financial education. Many of these agencies also offer credit counseling options.

Additionally, counselors are able to offer referrals for other services and agencies in your community that may be of help to your family. Download the Foreclosure Counselors Contact list (PDF) or visit the housing counseling agencies separately by clicking on their individual links, below.

AAA Fair Credit Foundation – Salt Lake City
Cedar City Housing Authority – Cedar City
Community Action Services of Provo – Provo
Community Development Corporation of Utah – Salt Lake City; Price
Cornerstone Financial Education – Ogden
Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation –Logan
NeighborWorks of Provo –Provo
NeighborWorks of Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City
Salt Lake Community Action Program – Salt Lake City
Utah State University Family Life Center – Logan

Download your free copy of the Foreclosure Prevention Workbook, available in English and Spanish.